As a reliable and professional supplier,we pay much attention to the international events and news,and analyse it.We look to further increase of Columbia and Venezuela.

Columbia government think highly of international trade, and columbia market are always very competitive and workable,their market has a large demand for refrigerator,air conditioner and washing machine parts.It is new developing market for Columbia.

So we grasp the opportunity,spend much time and energy in clients from Columbia.

Last Month,our order amount from Columbia more than USD250000.We understand this market very well,and welcome each potential client contact with us,we will give you a professional advice and help.

After Venezuela government relax the control of dollars,the Venezuela market resuscitate very fast.More and more clients from Venezuela work with us successfully.

They can pay dollars more easy and their demands are considerable.Our order amount from Venezuela more than USD100000 last month,we believe it will increase in the near future,because their policy are more beneficial than before for international trade.

Our main market is South American,Venezuela is one of our most important market,we know Venezuela market clearly,and glad to receive inquiry for Venezuela market from all of customers.