Brass manifold set

Manifold Set

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    Brass manifold set

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  • A/C manifold gauge sets are sets of gauges and hoses used to control the flow of gases and pressure in air conditioning units.

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An A/C manifold gauge set has three chambers used to control pressure. These chambers are: the utility chamber, located in the middle of the unit; the low-pressure chamber, located to the left; and the high-pressure chamber, located on the right side. The standard A/C manifold sets come in two varieties: the two valves and the four valves. 

•    for R12, R22, R502
•    mounted on forged Brass frame body
•    With/without Large sight viewing glass
•    With/without rubber shield cover on the gauges to absorb physical shock and protect the gauges
•    a heavy duty hook for hanging the gauges
•    a package of hose repair kit included.
•    3 Color Coded Hoses


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